It’s time to escape the heat and relax right in your own backyard.


Enjoy your time in your own backyard today!

We all know that San Antonio summers are hot, sometimes too hot to go out and enjoy your own backyard! Fix that problem with a patio cover by Serview Home Pros and start enjoying your backyard. We deliver a professionally-installed and long-lasting patio covers that give homeowners the backyard they deserve and one the whole family can enjoy.

With an average of 220 sunny days per year, it can sometimes be hard to enjoy your backyard. That’s why patio covers are so popular throughout the South. At Serview Home Pros we use only the highest quality building products which ensures that your new addition is built to withstand weather and time.

Even though we receive 5 peak sun hours per day on average, with our always unpredictable South Central Texas weather, when it rains it pours. On those rainy days, a covered patio will keep your family from being trapped indoors. Whatever the weather, a patio cover will make sure you can always enjoy your backyard. With your imagination and the help of Serview Home Pros your ideal outdoor living space can become a reality.


The benefits of investing in a patio cover for your home.

Investment & Value

Patios are a sought-after amenity for most homes, making them a valuable addition when trying to sell a home quickly. According to, when homeowners are looking to purchase a home, outdoor living space and low maintenance are top priorities in a new home. It’s also been shown that patios can recover nearly all or more of the cost to build, which is an ROI of 100%.

A Serview Home Pros patio cover will give your home a higher value since it’s not only an addition to your home but it also enhances your home’s external appearance.

Our patio covers are durable and long-lasting, and if in the future you decide to sell your home, appraisers may add value because of your patio, which means you could be sell at a higher price.


Climate and weather events often make patio covers the most damaged part of home by the elements. Our products are designed to last a lifetime and withstand even the harshest elements – wind, rain, heat, and cold. The patio cover products we install for you offer the following benefits:

  1. Protection – An insulated roof will not only deflect heat, but will also provide shelter from UV rays, rainfall, and other elements. An integrated gutter also protects your patio and your home’s foundation from water damage.
  2. Worry-free enjoyment – Our patio covers feature a maintenance-free finish that won’t peel, warp, or crack.
  3. Complete personalization – Our patio covers come with a number of options, including ceiling fans, lighting, and skylights. They are also available with various roof styles.

When your new patio cover is installed by the professionals at Serview Home Pros you can rest assured that your new patio cover will complement your new home, that it will be made from the highest-quality materials that ensures it will never rot, crack, warp, or fade.

Below is a small sample of common issues our clients have with their current patio systems. So whether it’s too old or you don’t have a patio cover, Serview Home Pros can provide you with a quality, worry-free solution that you can feel good about.


Beautiful, added value, and maintenance-free.


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